Rhythm holds sway in the whole of nature, up to the level of man. Then, and only then is there a change. The rhythm which through the course of the year holds sway in the forces of growth, of propagation and so forth, ceases when we come to man. For man is to have his roots in freedom; and the more civilized he is, the more does this rhythm decline. Chaos prevails. But man must give birth again to rhythm out of his innermost being, his own initiative.

– Rudolf Steiner

Championing Unhurried learning - An Age appropriate learningProgram & Workshops

A focus on real rather than virtual experience to support the child in forming a healthy relationship to the world.


Example of a daily rhythm:

• Receiving children by singing
• Circle time – Greeting each and every child. Play xylophone
and singing morning songs.
• Morning Play (according to theme)
• Daily Activity (Monday drawing, Tuesday Beading, Wednesday
Pasting, Thursday Cleaning, Friday Painting (wet on wet))
• Outdoor Play
• Handwash
• Finger Rhymes
• Fruit time
• Indoor Play
• Handwash
• Lunch time
• Story time
• Good bye (Song)
• Dispersal


The Early Childcare Program shall cater to the group of kids from age two to six. During these years our focus for the young child is to learn about life by observing, imitating and participating in the many activities of the adult through play-based activities under safe and domestic forms.

We also emphasize on rhythm which is used as a teaching tool which helps in developing the child physically as well as emotionally. Rhythm means a routine or periodic activity/ies happening in sequence. We can see rhythm all around us...there is rhythm in breathing and heartbeats, in weekdays, hours, and minutes, rhythm in months and seasons. We live in a sea of natural rhythms. In Waldorf Schools, rhythm is classified as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.


An hour of Parenting Wisdom!

To help parents develop a nurturing relationship with their children we are conducting free interactive group reading sessions around Parenting (exclusively for parents with kids from 0-6 years of age). Time: 12:00PM every weekday for an hour on Zoom. Those interested can contact us on 09371018575


Experience the difference!

The core curriculum is delivered in the form of art, music, drawing, watercolour painting, crafts, handworks, storytelling, puppet shows, dramas, etc. and not textbooks. The leaning is profoundly connected to child’s own physical body and sensory experience.


Education towards freedom!

They approach in an entirely individual way, out of their own unique configuration of soul and spirit, and out of their own unique experiences in the world they live in. In addition, the manner in which each child performs may offer a picture of how they will take up their destiny as an adult. For those wanting to leave after Kindergarten to the first standard in other school, we have a 6 month bridge program which incorporates reading, writing, numbers and basic math.

Parent Participation

For the following activities, the school asks the parents for help through the class teacher:

  • Parties, including annual and school parties
  • DIY and cleaning activities
  • Classroom activities. This can range from participating in weekly planned activities (eg woodwork, crafts, skating, etc.), extra guidance for better safety during the trips, assistance with theater and other areas
  • In the Covid year, parent participation is vital, as children are not at the school. Since Waldorf schools have taken a collective decision for the children not to teach through electronic means, parents are the points of contact through which all child engagement is taking place.
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